The most popular ways to quit smoking include homeopathic remedies, drugs, injections, pills and Nicotine Replacement Therapies.

But how effective are they?  Homeopathic quit smoking remedies might sound like the most attractive option, but do they really work?

Quick rundown of the most popular quit smoking remedies

Let’s start by taking a closer look at each method:

1.  Drug-based methods for quitting smoking – pills, injections

homeopathic quit smoking remediesThese generally release chemicals into your body (not nicotine) that cause endorphins to be released.  This brings a feeling of well being – which is supposed to replace the buzz you get from smoking a cigarette.

The theory is that this will allow you to use this instead of cigarettes and slowly reduce the amount of drugs until you have quit.

2.  Nicotine replacement therapy methods [NRT]

Here’s the 4 most well known Nicotine Replacement Therapies:

(None of these address the main issue – the mental addiction.)

  • Nicotine Patches – These are applied to your skin, and they slowly release nicotine into your body to replace any nicotine you would have had from a cigarette.
  • Nicotine Gum – Chewed like chewing tobacco, then spat out.
  • Nicotine Nasal Spray - A nicotine ‘mist maker’ that you squirt up your nose frequently to replace the missing nicotine from cigarettes. The idea is to that you are weaned off as you gradually lower the dose.
  • Nicotine Inhalators - These are like the ‘puffers’ asthmatics rely on, but they contain nicotine .  You use the inhaler to take in a mist of nicotine instead of inhaling smoke.

3.  Homeopathic quit smoking Remedies

There’s a range of homeopathic quit smoking remedies available – such as homeopathic cigarettes, herbs and herbal pills etc.

Homeopathic Cigarettes contain homeopathic ingredients that help calm you during withdrawal cravings.   These non-nicotine cigarettes contain different herbs that are supposed to sooth your smoker’s withdrawal symptoms.

One herb used for this is as a homeopathic quit smoking ingredient is ‘Lobelia inflata’.  This is similar to nicotine, and has the same apparent calming properties as nicotine, but isn’t addictive.

Herbal pillsOther Homeopathic Quit Smoking Remedies

Homeopathic doctors supply various herbs and drugs – often in pill form to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking.

For example, Avena Sativa or Valeriana are prescribed for the sleeplessness and fatigue caused by lack of nicotine. Aconite is provided to manage irritability.

Bad news: drug and homeopathic ‘cures’ don’t work because they don’t fix the mental addiction

Sadly, none of these remedies can really work alone – not the drug-based ones, nor the NRT ones, nor the homeopathic ones.

Your physical addiction might be warded off by an injection or by herbal pills, but that’s only 10% of the problem.  The remaining 90% is the mental addiction.  You must kill the mental addiction – and if you do, the physical addiction is so mild it disappears within a few days.

The right treatment will crush your mental addiction. With the right treatment, you can stop almost immediately.  And cravings can fade away in less than a month.

Here’s how you can quit for good:

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