Chantix (chemical name ‘Varenicline’, also known as ‘Champix’) is a drug sold in pill form.  It is intended to reduce the craving for cigarettes in order to assist smokers to quit smoking.

It works by targeting and ‘occupying’ your brain’s nicotine receptors. This stops nicotine reaching the receptors so the nicotine has no effect, other than a pleasurable feeling because it also causes the body to produce the natural hormone dopamine which brings feelings of well being. Does Chantix work?

The idea is that you stop smoking because you have replaced cigarettes with a nicotine-free drug allowing you to wean yourself off your nicotine addiction, and it’s also easy to take.

So, does Chantix work?   Well, it certainly does sound like a good solution.  But…

Chantix May Be Associated With Mental Health Problems:

On February 1, 2008 the FDA issued this Alert … “it appears increasingly likely that there is an association between Chantix and serious neuropsychiatric symptoms.”

Furthermore, in July 1, 2009, The FDA required Varenicline to have a ‘black box‘ warning, the strongest safety warning, due to side effects that include depression, suicide thoughts, and suicidal actions.

What Is The Chantix Stop Smoking Success Rate?

Putting aside the FDA health warnings, if you decided take the drug, it’s very unclear what the success rate is.

Plus, Chantix is also expensive.  Not all of us have that kind of money to spend.

Chantix Misses A Vital Part of Quitting Smoking

Chantix is intended to replace your cigarette nicotine intake with something else instead, This is supposed to give you time to quit.

But this misses the vital issue that the smoker is in fact affected by two addictions:

1.  Your physical nicotine addiction which is quite mild

2.  Your mental addiction which is extremely powerful and can be impossible to break unless you use the right method

Unfortunately, Chantix does not directly deal with the mental addiction.   This means the treatment may fail, because the subconscious will see the decision to replace not remove nicotine as a sign that nicotine is valuable and so it will fight any attempt to quit.

Here’s a better, safer way to quit for good:

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